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Members enjoy private messaging, auto matchmaker search, saved favorites and chat services.

Free Basic Memberships!

Below is general information about our membership services. But there is no need to pay for any membership!

We are offering FREE basic memberships until 2010. Just post a free profile and most of the services we offer for our Basic or Advanced membership plans are FREE! No charges – no strings!

General Membership Information:

You may post a general Profile, search Profiles, and even use the MatchMaker!utility for free, regardless of whether you are a member or not.

In order to use our advanced services; e.g., make comments to yourself about a profile, save favorite profiles, chat online with other members, send and receive private messages, join the forums, read members section only articles, receive matching profiles via email called “e-mailed matches” and most importantly…..see complete contact information regarding those you search for, you need to sign up for a membership. All Basic memberships are free through October 31st.

Becoming a member is easy and fast. Our memberships are broken into 2 plans: Our Basic membership (free through October 31st 2005) and our Advanced membership. Each plan can be joined for specific periods of time….We have 3 day trial, 1 month, 3 month, 6 months and yearly memberships. The longer you join for, the greater the discount. You can elect to use your credit card online, or you may elect to be billed by mail. If you use your credit card online, your membership will be instantly approved. If you select to be billed, your membership will be approved as soon as payment is received.

Remember….As a Member, you are also able to exchange messages with other members, and to use the Favorites option to save profiles of those whom you want to remember, and to keep a log of comments about each Favorite for your own use and chat with other members online.

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